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Best Computer Monitors For Eye Strain

Best Computer Monitors For Eye Strain
Written by Selective Nerd

If you are one of those people who spend most of their work hours in front of their computer screen? Or are you among those hardcore gamers or entertainment geeks who spend their dawn and dusk before their monitors?

If that is the case you must be accustomed to the adverse effects of your monitor screens Best Computer Monitors For Eye Strain over eyes but due to the necessity of usage, you can’t cut short on your time and are looking for alternate ways to make your screen experience less harmful or rather useful.

Then you must require the best eye care technology that promises safe usage without any strain over your eyes and for that said reason you have landed at the right place and here we are to help you find the Best Computer Monitors For Eye Strain.

My Top Pick:

Hurried enough to miss out on reading the entire article? Don’t worry we have got you our top pick of Best Computer screen For Eye Strain. BenQ GW2480 is the top-rated product if you are looking precisely at eye care technology. It has a zero flickering screen that is supportive of anti-glare and has luminosity control features which tend to give it an adjustable brightness level to set your screen brightness to your needs preventing any strain caused to eyes over excessive usage.

Best Computer Monitors For Eye Strain

Apart from that it has a VESA wall mount and has a fully ergonomic stand that gives a comfortable screen experience worth trying for.

Comparison Table:

Product NameSizeResolutionPanelI/O PortsEye Care TechnologyAnti-Glare ScreenErgonomics


BenQ GW2480241920x1080 IPSDVI, HDMIFlicker Free, Low Blue Light, Ambient Light SensorYESYES
Asus MZ27AQ272560x1440IPSHDMI Display PortTUV Certified Flicker Free, Ultra Low Blue LightYESYES
ViewSonic VX2476241920x1080IPSHDMI, VGA,DVIFlicker Free, Low Blue LightYESYES
ViewSonic VP2468241920x1080 IPSDisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort , HDMI and USB 3.0Flicker Free, Low Blue LightYESYES
Asus VP28UQG283840x2160IPSHDMI, Display 1.2Flicker Free, Ultra Low Blue LightYESYES
BenQ GW2280221920x1080IPSHDMI, VGATUV Certified Flicker Free, Ultra Low Blue Light, Brightness Intelligence TechnologyYESYES
Acer R240HY241920x1080IPSVGA, HDMI, DVIFlicker Free, Low Blue LightYESYES
BenQ GW2283221920x1080IPSVGA, HDMI, DVIFlicker Free, Low Blue LightYESYES
BenQ GL2480241920x1080IPSVGA, HDMI, DVIFlicker Free, Low Blue LightYESYES
ASUS VP278QGL271920x1080IPSVGA, HDMI, DVIFlicker Free, Low Blue LightYESYES

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) BenQ GW2480: (Best Overall)

BenQ GW2480The top pick of Best Computer Monitors For Eye Strain 2020, BenQ 2480  is a top-rated model that is an amalgamation of beauty and simplicity with unbeatable performance.

It is a great device hanging rich multi-tasking ability and is very versatile allowing it to be used for a variety of purposes like office use for spreadsheets and excel work, for home entertainment, photography, and graphic arts.

All of these traits could be utilized under the shade of BenQ exclusive eye-care technology which is committed to making the computer useless stressful and healthier.


The best part of this amazing computer is its very well versed cable management system which provides a clutter-free workspace and manages the cables ports and wires very neatly by hiding them all in its onboard monitor stand which is complaint fully with the much demanding ergonomics like VESA mounting and is also compliant with tilting and pivoting and features adjustable height too.

Buy it now by clicking next. BenQ GW2480

BenQ eye care provides the best combo of the flicker-free screen with an anti-glare one and these two technologies prove their worth in considerably reducing the digital eye strain and give a smoother experience easy on the eyes.

Apart from that, the monitor is also equipped with blue light filters that absorb all the emitted blue light from the screen thereby considerably reducing its intensity and preventing the damage caused.

What We Like
  • TUV Certified Eye Care
  • Anti-Glare Screen
  • Zero Flickering
  • Low Blue Light
What We Don't Like
  • Low Brightness 250 Nits Only

2.) Asus MZ27AQ: (Best for Flicker-Free Screen)

Asus MZ27AQAsus is a remarkable brand with one or two biggie in our computer domain ranging from the gaming world to clutter-free office it has everything to offer its customers who are devoted to Asus products due to their durability and unbeatable performance.

This 27-inch screen has just passed on the Asus legacy of exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled attention to detail.

This model is equipped with some of the most amazing features just in line with the best eye care technologies in the world and has supreme importance in the market for stress-free computer usage.


Starting from its eye-care technologies it has a TUV Rhineland certified eye care which when merged with the Asus premium eye care gives the ultimate protection to your eyes giving a very healthier screen time.

Buy it now by clicking next. Asus MZ27AQ

Other than these two industry’s leading technologies it has flicker-free backlighting that promises a zero flicker and lets the eyes be saves from the digital strain caused by this flickering.

The anti-glare screen adds another line of safety to the eye care and to let you enjoy you screen usage while being very well protected from health hazards it has dual mode stereo speakers of 6W which are best at this price tag and are also equipped with 5 W subwoofers both of which together give fully immersive audio to boost your home entertainment.

What We Like
  • 6w Stereo Speakers
  • Tuv Certified Rhineland Eye Care
  • Asus Eyecare
  • Frameless Design
  • Small Desk Space
What We Don't Like
  • Difficult To Setup
  • Lack VESA Mount

3.) ViewSonic VX2476: (Best For Anti-Glare Screen)

ViewSonic VX2476ViewSonic has continued on the legacy of its amazing craftsmanship and has always come up with innovative models to revolutionize the world.

It has a super clear IPS Panel which gives it amazing color accuracy and vibrant crisp clear imagery on the screen along with unmatched performance and widescreen which gives you a comfortable screen experience.

It has a very slim and sleek frameless body which is equipped with anti-glare screen other necessary eye care techs to boost a healthier screen experience.


With a wide view angle of 178 degrees, the ViewSonic monitor has a Full HD Display of 1080 pixels which provides vibrant color accuracy and has an ultra-slim body very well equipped with all the trendy features to make it a fashion statement in your house.

Buy it now by clicking next. ViewSonic VX2476

It has an anti-glare coating which reduces the eye strain and thus cuts short on the need for protection glasses while using the computer screen.

Other than it has an anti-flicker technology which is a necessity if you are looking to enjoy extended screen usage.  It has some connectivity options like HDMI, VGA, DVI being the standard input or output ports but as a good addition it has a Display Port, and mini-port to help with multimedia sharing.

With a VESA mount and other necessary ergonomic abilities, it provides a very comfortable experience worth trying for.

What We Like
  • 6W Stereo Speakers
  • TUV Certified Rhineland Eye Care
  • Asus Eyecare
  • Frameless Design
  • Small Desk Space
What We Don't Like
  • Lack Of Frame Less Body

4.) ViewSonic VP2468: (Best For Low Blue Light)

VP2468ViewSonic is the premium model if you are looking for the best color accuracy in town and when this color accuracy comes combined with the eye care and professional high-end features this makes the model are a really great and worthy investment which is worth giving a try at any cost.

ViewSonic has the prestige of launching this VP2468 model as the best budget pick for a variety of needs of users ranging from their professional corporate usage to graphic artist and photo editing for newbies.


It has a full HD display of 1080 pixels which is a good starting point for graphic arts and professional photography, though these abilities are not good for seasoned professionals as a newbie, you can get a good deal from an FHD display.

Buy it now by clicking next. ViewSonic VP2468

It has a super clear IPS Panel which gives it premium color accuracy which may not be found at a similar level in other eye care models. It has several connectivity ports including HDMI, VGA, DVI, and a USB hub which is a great addition to the connectivity options making it great for daisy-chaining. All these features make it a good general-purpose screen but its hallmark lies in its blue light filters.

It has amazing blue light filters which reduce the blue light emission and makes the screen time a little healthier. The only downside of the computer lies in its anti-glare screen which is not of good quality and produces vignette points at the edges.

What We Like
  • Best Color Accuracy
  • Numerous Connectivity Options
  • Intense Eye Care Features
  • Frameless Design
What We Don't Like
  • Screen Glare Filters Are Not Up To The Mark

5.) Asus VP28UQG: (Best For The Ambient Light Sensor)

Asus VP28UQGWhat about enjoying your gaming routine that is very well protected from the digital strain and stress over your eyes?

That will be the ideal combination to boast for by any brand and Asus has got the edge by bringing the industry’s leading eye care technologies in a gaming PC which has the best of both the worlds and give a clutter-free workspace too, to make it a fit for office use as well.


With its 4K UHD Resolution of 3880X2160, it is the best budget-friendly model out of all other Best 4k Monitors For Eye Strain and it incorporates all the essential traits to make it counted among the best gaming monitors of all time.

Such as it has the ideal Response time of 1 millisecond which nothing less than heaven for gamers and to give them a smooth shutter and tear-free screen experience it has Free-Sync Technology which is the best budget pick for shuttering and screen tearing reduction.

Buy it now by clicking next. Asus VP28UQG

To have the best gaming experience Asus has launched their eye care technologies like an anti-glare screen to give smooth glare-free crisp clear imagery on screen and to prevent backlit flickering it has a flicker-free technology to do its magic for you.

It has a 5way OSD joystick which targeted at marathon gamers to boost your speed and comfort. All these features are of prime concern to a gamer but may not be very attractive for non-gamer users.

What We Like
  • 4K Resolution
  • Blue Light Filters
  • Flicker-Free Technology
  • Freesync
What We Don't Like
  • Framed Body Lacking a Thin Bezel Design

6.) BenQ GW2280: (Best for Brightness Intelligence)

BenQ GW2280BenQ has launched another premium computer which is a masterpiece of its manufacturer and has an amazing lineup of features that make it a great general-purpose device.

It is also equipped with all the essential eye care technologies to make it great for extended usage and is coming with such a supreme color accuracy that gives it natural lifelike imagery and vibrancy making it very appealing to the eyes.


It has a full HD resolution of 1920X1080 pixels which is the hallmark of its vibrancy and coming up with 250 nits of brightness it is good according to the ambient light conditions. The best part of it is adjustability which makes the monitor brightness to be under the control of users and it could also be adjusted automatically by sensing the ambient light and making the necessary change accordingly.

Buy it now by clicking next. BenQ GW2280

Speaking of its eye protection it has flicker-free technology other than its amazing brightness control ability and this flicker-free technology gives it prevention from the flickering screen. Adding a third line to its eye care an anti-glare screen coating is another premium feature that reduces the glare over the screen and to counter the emission of blue light, blue light filters are there to armor you.

All these technologies like flicker-free screen, blue light filters, anti-glare screen, and adjustable brightness level make it a great tool for eye protection and thus you won’t need computer protection glasses while using it for long.

What We Like
  • Amazing Brightness Control
  • Reduced Blue Light
What We Don't Like
  • Lack Freesync

 7.) Acer R240HY: (Best for Flicker-Free Technology)

Acer R240HYThe only model of Acer to make up its way to our list, Acer R240 has a good enough repute in the market to give the users a comfortable screen experience for home-usage.

Office work with its adjustable brightness level and low ambient light mode to give the users a good working experience not very harsh on the eyes and human health and this are maintained by its careful eye care technology aimed at preventing the digital stress and eye strain.


It has a 24-inch screen with a wide view angle and an IPS panel which is the most widely used panel type in the market vividly acknowledged for its color reproduction abilities and the accuracy of the produced color.

Buy it now by clicking next. Acer R240HY

It has a moderate to quick response time of 4 milliseconds with a frameless body having a contrast ratio of 16:7M. It has an OSD menu that prevents any picture to be displayed over the screen and it could be reset easily to its default mode offering 250 nits of brightness.

The model doesn’t have much falling in its eye protection category and has only low screen brightness and its adjustability to do the job of protecting you from the harsh effects of the computer screen. It could not occupy a valuable spot in the best computer monitors for eye strain as it lacks a flicker-free technology and is also not equipped with blue light filters which are nowadays more than necessity.

What We Like
  • Thin Bezel Design
  • Frameless Body
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Wide View Screen
  • 250 Nit Brightness
What We Don't Like
  • Lack Of Flicker-Free Screen
  • Doesn’t Come With An Anti-Glaring Screen

8.) BenQ GW2283: (Best Budget Pick)

BenQ GW2283If you are potentially on a hunt for the Best budget Computer Monitors For Eye Strain, then you have come up to the right target as BenQ, the leading brand in professional color accurate computer and eye care technology.

It has launched another amazing monitor which will be available under 100 USD and will be offering you all the features that you would be found in some of beyond 200USD monitors and even beyond that and this makes it a prestigious model as everyone like to save their bucks while enjoying the premium features at the very same time.


It is good for home and office use with its 22-inch standard screen size it will not be very straining for your eyes and will be very light on the pocket that’s the ultimate benefit of it. Being good for tight budget customers doesn’t make it low on capabilities as it has an FHD display of 1920X1080 pixels and is good enough for the photo editing jo as it is for office work.

Buy it now by clicking next. BenQ GW2283

It has a great lineup of patented eye care which is including an intelligent brightness control that allows for adjustable screen brightness according to the ambient light conditions.

Other than that its blue light filters reduce the intensity of blue light emitting from the surface and make it smoother and healthier over the eyes by reducing the digital strain caused by the low light conditions.

What We Like
  • TUV Certified Eye Care
  • Flicker-Free Technology
  • Blue Light Filters
  • Adaptive Brightness
What We Don't Like
  • No Onboard Speakers

9.) BenQ GL2480: (Best For Eye Comfort)

BenQ GL2480BenQ the top-rated brand in the eye care field is appearing yet again in our list with their best eye care model.

This time it has knock even harder at the door of the best computer monitors for eye strain and has brought in all the patented eye care technologies in a single device.

Which was found in chunks in other devices by this 2480 have brought them together to give the users a healthier experience by reducing the digital strain and stress over the eyes?


Starting directly from its eye protection, we are delighted to state that it has TUV certified eye care which includes a zero flickering screen and this features a reduced flicker caused by the backlighting of LED or LCD panel and this is a must for a minimized strain over the eyes.

Buy it now by clicking next. BenQ GL2480

But this is not all about this great eye-protecting monitor as it has a lot more to offer, its second line of defense to eye straining come with its low blue light technology featuring blue light filters which captures all the blue light emitting from the screen and hence considerably reducing the strain that is put over the user’s eyes.

Ergonomic design is another good addition to amazing abilities allowing for a comfortable and healthier experience.

What We Like
  • TUV Certified Eye Care
  • Anti-Glare Screen
  • Flicker-Free Technology
  • Blue Light Filters
What We Don't Like
  • Lack Of Built-In Speakers

10.) ASUS VP278QGL: (Best General Purpose)

ASUS VP278QGLThe second appearance of Asus in Best Computer Monitors For Eye Strain is marked with their 27-inch screen which is a good screen size for a relaxing computer experience and is also equipped with well-versed patented eye care abilities to make it a massive appearance in best computer monitors for eye strain.

It is the best all-around monitor screen that could ideally be utilized for gaming and is equally good for home and office use and has brought in the needed traits of all the domains to make it a great general-purpose device.


It has an adaptive sync technology that gives a crisp clear screen experience by considerably minimizing the screen tear and shuttering that is the most common problem encountered by hardcore gamers due to the incompatibility between refresh rate and frame rate due to the fast-paced gaming nature. 1 millisecond of Response time is the ideal one for gaming and Asus has provided the needed shot by bringing it at reach to the customers.

Buy it now by clicking next. ASUS VP278QGL

As far as its eye care is concerned it has an anti-glare screen, blue light filtration system, and flicker-free technology all of which add on to give stress and strain-free computer experience.

It has 2W stereo speakers which are not of very good quality but having them on board is better than not having them at first hand and make them useable for alarms and notifications.

What We Like
  • Asus Eye Care
  • 1milliseconds Response Time
  • Adaptive G-Sync
  • Zero Flicker
What We Don't Like
  • Built-In Speakers Are Of Cheap Quality

Buying Guide

What Are Features To Worry About Best Computer Monitors For Eye Strain?

With the digitalization of the world and turning of it into a global village, far more stress is laid over the technology then ever and the need for industrial and technological revolution is at its peak and all these scenarios speak heaps for the significance of computer and owing to their significance their usage has increased manifolds which are revolutionizing the world in the first spot but on the very contrary it is posing serious health concerns and the associated health hazards with it are alarming the global users.

But technology has brought in the solution for the arising issue and eye car technologies are on their way to shade the world from the harms of the computer screen. It is mandatory for the best computer monitors for eye strain to be equipped with one or all of these technologies to give the users a comfortable screen time.

Eye Care Technologies:

Eye care technologies are the latest additions to the computer screen which are aimed at lowering the digital eye strain caused by excessive computer usage and most of it comes with the harmful effect of blue light r a part of it is due to very high brightness causing your pupil and contract and thus the harmful impact is made over the eyes.

Blue Light Filters:

Blue light filters are the most amazing of the eye care technologies and their presence in a screen ensures that only a few chunks of blue light will be emitted from the screen and most of it will be absorbed by these specified filters.

BLUE Light or precisely Blue-Violet is the most widely emitted light from nearly every digital screen and this is the most danger faced by the computer users who are continually bombarded with these harmful rays and to prevent from them blue light filters have acted as the tuxedos which capture all the emitting light and hence the user is safe from their attack.

Flicker-Free Technology:

Screen flicker is another major faced by the eyes while sitting before the computer screen and it causes a continuous dimming and brightness of the screen due to on/off light on the screen. This flickering causes a continuous constriction of the iris which is posing serious threats.

As a remedy, nearly all best computer monitors for eye strain are equipped with an eye care technology that promises a flicker-free screen and this zero flickering offered by the leading brand varies according to the budget you spend on them. No matter what cost you have to pay for it, it is a must to get a device capable of a flicker-free screen to get you much-needed relaxation while at work.

Adaptive Brightness:

Adaptive brightness is the ability to control screen brightness according to the ambient light and give the screen an adjustable brightness level.

Adaptability is a must-have the trait of best computer monitors for eye strain and is a much-needed ability as it allows you to control your screen brightness preventing the eyes from digital strain as low light conditions don’t demand much brightness of your PC Monitor, so the monitor will detect ambient low light conditions and lowers the brightness accordingly to give you a strain-free screen experience.

Anti Glare Screen:

Glare is the leading cause of eye problems among computer users and this must be avoided at any cost as it is counted as the biggest health hazard to our eyes.

To avoid the negative effects of screen glare over the eyes most of the brands known for making the best computer monitors for eye strain have launched anti-glare screens or coatings whose sole purpose is to overshadow the created glare and give a healthier computer usage to eyes.

Ergonomic Built:

Apart from eye disease monitors have other associated health hazards like neck stiffening and back pain and to have a hazard-free usage one must be having a comfortable screen experience and much of this will come from an ergonomic built of the device you are using.

Ergonomics allows the computer a variety of comfy movements such as tilting, pivoting, swivel base wall mount VESA mount, and the much needed adjustable heights. All these traits add on to give you a comfortable experience which reduces the stress and digital strain considerably by bringing you the screen at your eye level preventing your gaze to be distracted over and again.

Screen Size:

Other than these eye care technologies a significant cause of eye strain could also be due to the screen size you are currently using and avoiding that could reduce the digital strain to your eyes to considerable stress. Small screens are a major culprit in eye strain and for optimum usage, one must be using a bigger screen or at least a standard size, monitor.

Obviously, this is not the ideal solution as bigger screens demand bigger investments too and not everyone can afford them in their tight budgets, but to have the best bang for bucks almost all Best Computer Monitors For Eye Strain are coming at a standard size ranging from 20 inches to 24 which might not be counted among bigger screens but are not small enough to put a large amount of strain over eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What Is The Best Monitor For Eye Strain?

BenQ GW2480 is the best monitor available in the market for eye strain. It has a flicker-free screen that is supportive of anti-glare and has Adaptive Brightness which tends to give it an adjustable brightness level to set your screen brightness to your needs preventing any strain caused to eyes over excessive usage.

Apart from that it has a VESA wall mount and has a fully ergonomic stand that gives a comfortable screen experience very well worth the money.

Does A Large Monitor Reduce Eye Strain?

The large screen may not be directly affecting the eye strain but it contributes a lot in reducing the eye strain resulting due to difficulty in finding the perfect view over the small screen.

Large screens provide more viewing areas and thus little stress is laid over eyes in finding the desired object on-screen which leads to minimizing the digital eye strain.

Which Monitor Is Best For Eyes LCD Or LED?

LED monitors are considered better for healthier eyes comparative to LCD screens and this is due to the backlighting of both the devices which is the main culprit here.

Most LED utilizes Fluorescent backlit from edge to edge or from the end of the device and this is relatively less straining for eyes putting LCD far ahead in digital eye strain than LED.

What Monitor Brightness Is Best For Eyes?

The answer to this depends upon the ambient light conditions of a place which is the ultimate deciding factor of screen brightness as if you are sitting in your office having a brightness of about 350- 500 lux than a screen brightness of 200-250 will be ideal one but if you are bright light conditions you would in need of maximum screen brightness to view your screen display.

Is Low Brightness Or High Brightness Better For The Eyes?

The masses popularly believe that high brightness is bad for eyes but this is not the fact as low light puts greater stress on your eyes in finding the luminosity which is not the case with a high bright screen. High brightness is good only in high ambient light and should be decided wisely.

Is Night Mode Better For Eyes?

This too depends upon the ambient light conditions and if you are keen only about night time with low ambient light, night mode is bliss and lowers the strain over your eyes caused by screen luminosity and blue light emissions but the night mode tend to give you a dark theme with white text over the black background which complicated reading larger text at night thereby increasing eye strain a little.

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